domingo, 10 de julho de 2011

Os 5 C da mudança (The five C of change)

Concern, Confrontation, Clarification, Critalization, Change

Kets de Vries defined this 5 steps for a changing process, whatever organizational or personnel.

Concern - Happens just before the change process. It is a period of huge suffer, lack of comfort, with too much stress, anxiety and depressive episodes. In this first stadium there are feelings of, hate, anger, anguish, deep sadness, burnout.

Confrontation - When you confront yourself with the need of change, like «Something have to happen», «I must do something».

Clarification - This is the moment when you make a type of a commitment with yourself involving other too. When you tell others, family or friends, that you are going to change something.

Cristalization - The phase when you are on your own way, with new habits, new behaviors, new ideas. You are moving away from the peace of your old life.

Change - Finally, this is your future, you are already on your new way.

Thing of these five steps and understand where are you now. Then, is up to you