segunda-feira, 31 de outubro de 2011

Differences that change the world

Tribes, by Seth Godin, is really a great book. Among other messages, I noticed, at the page 25, the differences between managers and leaders that Seth highlighted. Is never more to mention what kind of differences are these. Let's see:
Managers can't foster change because it is not their function. They only deal with tasks and comply procedures from top management.

On the other hand, leaders have a different function. Changing things. They use different tools daily. Their main tool is passion. They don't use fear, nor threats nor beaurocracy. They influence people by example. They achieve a changing world, they inspire by honesty, by integrity.

This is a issue that lead us to the field of self development. Leadership starts with self development, new habits, new relationships. Leaders don't wait for the crowd to decide, they decide first, with passion.

So, final question: What do you want to be?