segunda-feira, 7 de novembro de 2011

I pity my country

Portugal, what a pity
My country is a great example of awful management. Unfortunately, we have great competencies on putting in charge greedy and illiterate people. I'm talking about portuguese politicians. This kind of people have a huge lack of authenticity and still don't understand that inauthenticity have been already noticed by commom portuguese citizens.

Management qualities are not their strengths, they are only public relations that act according their interests. Sadly, in my country, the major part of former politicians are envolved in cases of fraud and corruption, but we all are convinced that Justice, as institution, will be able to get them rid of this burden. How? Legalizing the illegality. «We» are good at this.

What we really need is not to export, is not relaunch our economy or solve the problem of unemployment. What we really need first is authenticity, is honesty, is integrity. And that must begin from the top. Of course all of us have some responsibility on this issue, but won't be possible to start something good with offenders in charge, guiding the country.
We need real management, not CFOs or corrupt politicians, disguised of innocent lambs. Portugal is today a country without hope, where government calls youth people to emigrate.

I pity my country that prevent any citizen to make something usefull
in favor of the community