sexta-feira, 18 de novembro de 2011

Influence is everything

Success Magazine of August brings us an important issue, whose name is «influence». Usually, we think influence is something that belongs to rich people or those with status. However, influence is an available resource to every people. We can recall Jim Rohn, that said «Never underestimate the power of influence». Exactly, influence is power.

Darren Hardy, Success Magazine’s publisher wrote in his up front text: «You don’t have to be standing on a mountaintop speaking profound parables or pumping your fists on a lectern while shouting madly into a microphone in front of legions of people to be influential. It is crucially important to know that we are all, at all times, influencing people and the environment around us. We are energetic beings.»

The main riddle here is how are you using your power of influence? Positively or negatively? Are you helping others, improving your skills, yourself, for a good cause, or not?

Your influence is truly life-changing, think about and make your life plan