sábado, 10 de dezembro de 2011

Go to other planet with what?

Hope. Finally, we have a new planet to go to. Soon, some human beings will be able to travel to other planet and start from scratch. At least, this is the main idea. And all this because this planet, our earth, is unbearable, impossible. It's difficult to live here. We've done many things wrong, we destroyed much of the best things the planet had. And, worse than that, we are not able to solve that.

But, what do we have to take to the new planet? Is there something new? Notice, in the new planet, there's nothing. What means we'll be as architects of a new way of life. And this is here I have a question. What kind of things do we have now to put in that far distant new planet?
I guess much of that we cultivated here, on earth. What we've built, what we've learn, what we've thought, our knowledge, our soul.

No doubt this idea of a new planet, even for a few people, seems attractive. Romantic. A new world, with less imperfections than ours. Finally, we've learn everything and we're going to build a new type of life, a perfect society. wow. Awesome.

And this is here I have another question. Can we leave here most of our DNA? Our greed, our envy, our hunger of power, our excessive ambition, our hunger of money. Can we really don't pack this kind of luggage in order to start again?