domingo, 1 de janeiro de 2012

The Fear effect

Fear plays an important role in human being lives and society. It affects people, groups, organizations, countries, preventing from achieving goals. Moreover, fear fosters stress, anxiety and depression feelings. It is a great tool of power in order to take control over people.
But the good news is it’s possible to control our fears. It depends mainly of how we manage our emotions. Our body will thank for that. Let’s see the effects of fear in our system, described by professor Richard Boyatzis (Journal of Management Development):

«Arousal of a fear stimulates neural circuitry, starting in the amygdale and emanating with dominant activity in the right versus the left prefrontal cortex. At the same time, it promotes activation of the Sympathetic Nervous System, creating a set of neural and endocrine processes that stimulate negative or defensive emotions, resulting in a likely shift in perceptions of the environment as more threatening (or merely anticipating that future events will be more threatening). This results in defensive or hostile actions that typically result in a person’s withdrawing or inhibiting new thoughts and alternative ways to approach a situation.
Instead of moving forward, toward a desired future or condition, the person moves away from and protects himself/herself from threatening aspects of the present or future (…).
Arousal of fear or avoidance motives engage the Negative Emotional attractor with its impact on the person defending himself/herself or being forced to contemplate adaptation not previously considered.»

Your health depends on your reality perceptions and on your emotions. If fear is something that can be controlled it’s because it comes from inside, although you think it comes from outside. So, there’s only a way to prevent fear from your life. Activate your Parasympathetic Nervous System by creating your personal will, your ideal self, your own possibilities by igniting your dreams, hope, optimism and positive expectations. Start to train now.