domingo, 8 de janeiro de 2012

The fear effect

Fear has a huge effect in our body. Most people don’t know what happens when they allow certain emotions to take place. Fear is an example of how badly we can treat us.
When fear rises, there is a stimulation of neural circuitry, starting in the amygdale and emanating with dominant activity in the right versus the left prefrontal cortex. Complicated? Not so much, I think. Read the rest and know your body better.

At the same time, Sympathetic Nervous System is activated, creating a set of neural endocrine processes that stimulate negative or defensive emotions. Is simply the result of perceiving the environment more threatening or making a hostile vision of the future.
After that, people with fear, instead of moving forward, toward a desired future or condition, they moves away from and protects himself/herself from threatening aspects of the present or the future. This also has a enormous impact on defensive behaviors when facing adaptation.

As you see, it’s easy to get how you can be stuck, in a moment, without energy, ideas, motivation and creativity. But don’t worry too much for now…
There’s a solution, anyway, to solve this. With your will and activating your parasympathetic nervous system, the responsible for mind regulation. With hope, setting goals for your life, and making real and constructive projects to your future your health will increase, your fears go away, as anxiety, depression or high stress levels.

That's why is so important to have hope and written goals