quarta-feira, 4 de janeiro de 2012

A great example of management in Portugal

Today, I've heard the news about Jerónimo Martins, the owner of Pingo Doce supermarkets and one of the most richest men in Portugal.
There was a kind of huge excitment about the fact Jerónimo decided to transfer the headquarters from Portugal to Netherlands, where taxes are much lower and also where it is easier to expand business, and also where the average of corruption are dramaticaly lower.

Apparently, a major part of people think that is wrong, because is a sign of anti patriotism and so on. But the brutal truth is the real anti patriot people are portuguese polititians whose behavior for decades has been the betrayal of the country and to all fellow.
Jerónimo Martins, Chairman
Therefore, I congratulate Jerónimo Martins for the courage of refusing to work, inovate and create value only to sustain a rotten system, paying taxes for nothing but to feed criminals that run the country.

Mr. Jerónimo, you have my respect. You inspire me, you are a great example of management and a great portuguese, respected all over the world. Good luck for you and your business. I will always be happy to do my shopping at Pingo Doce supermarkets.