sexta-feira, 3 de fevereiro de 2012

Social intelligence and leadership

The conclusion is simple: The majority of people in charge of something are not leaders. They are only managers. Leadership is not giving orders, is not demanding. It is all about influence and developing others. But to influence people, leaders have to work on themselves.

Daniel Goleman says that social intelligence has a dramatic role in leadership performance. Here you are the skills you need to develop in order to improve your leadership performance:

Empathy – Understand what motivates other people, even those from different backgrounds? Are you sensitive to their needs?
Attunement – Listen attentively and think about how others feel? Are you attuned to others’ moods?
Organizational Awareness – Appreciate your group’s or organization’s culture and values? Understand social networks and know their unspoken norms?
Influence – Persuade others by engaging them in discussion, appealing to their interests, and getting support from key people?
Developing others – Coach and mentoring and provide feedback that people find helpful for their professional development?
Inspiration – Articulate a compelling vision, build group pride, foster a positive emotional tone, and lead by bringing out the best in people?
Teamwork – Encourage the participation of everyone on your team, support all members, and foster cooperation?

Are you aware of all this areas in your work life? Start doing
something to improve your skills. It’s all about training.