segunda-feira, 19 de março de 2012

Adversity is a fuel of success

The extraordinary life story of Bobbi Kahler, a successful speaker, that could not make herself understand at the age of six. Nobody was able to do it. A speech pathologist evaluated her speech, phoned her mom and told Bobbi’s «problem was catastrophic and nothing could be done. Your daughter is destined to suffer a lifelong disability, he said».
After that, Bobbi’s mom told her daughter: «We are not going to listen to him (the pathologist). Never let someone else tell you what you can or cannot do.»

The fact is, after using «adversity as fuel», Bobbi turned obstacles in greatest opportunities for growth. It took her «several years to overcome the barriers to clear speech». Meanwhile, even when she won, she didn’t consider herself a good speaker because she had so afraid of she hadn’t cured the problem.
Later, she understood that «the way we approach an obstacle is simply in our state of mind. Will the obstacle defeat us? Will we rise above it? Believing in the outcome determines the outcome». Bobbi had a new problem: despite her high school achievements as a debater and her later success in college, she had stopped believing in herself. For sure, she wasn’t letting other people limit her success. She really didn’t need to. She was doing it all on her own.

Currently, Bobbi is the director of training and development for a marketing franchise company and a professional speaker. An example being followed.