sexta-feira, 30 de março de 2012

Stealing energy effectively (I)

There are several ways of stealing energy from others. Usually, energy burglars have problems of insecurity, fear, anxiety, avoidance syndrome, scary feelings, defensiveness behavior, agressivity, and they easy become angry. Being like that, they tend to steal energy from others in order to «survive» and to feel better. Take a look on the list below and see the most common general patterns of stealing energy.

High maintenance / High expectations
-Being overly demanding of others
-Expecting other to be the way we want them to be regardless of how that person feels

Interrogation / Criticism
-Making others seem inadequate by being critical of them (by interrogating or criticizing
-Makes the self feel better than others

Intimidation / Anger
-Making others fear the self with intimidation and/or expressing anger

Self-pity / guilt trip
-Making others feel sorry for the self or feel guilty for not being compassionate

Buttering up (the Boss)
-Making people do things that we do not want to do by telling them that we are not good at it and they are better at it

Allofness / charisma
-Making others interested in the self by holding out information
From the work of Toru Sato

In the next post I’ll tell you more 5 ways of stealing energy. For now, thing about this and be aware if you are a victim of energy thieves or if you are a thief yourself. Being a victim you can solve the problem quickly, by changing your behavior, by interpreting differently or by moving away from the source. Being a thief, you have serious internal problems and would be convenient if you take some time thinking what is happening. Why are you so insecure and so scared?