quarta-feira, 11 de abril de 2012

The Dark Side of Reputation

The title is the name of my first book, The Dark Side Of Reputation. Dark Side is something that lives together with our Light Side. But the problem is when the Dark Side pretends to be the Light Side.

The book addresses the topic of how can we be two in one. Is a recipe of how a crook can enjoy a reputation and be protected by state institutions. It is a kind of magic.
There are many people with apparent reputation, but already lost it long time ago. When they are caught in their dishonesty, usually they recourse to the courts in order to recover something they don’t have but want to keep.

In Portugal, Justice restores or maintains reputation to many people that don’t deserve it. Justice doesn’t do anything. Just delay justice itself. Justice is not apparently involved directly, but it helps criminals to achieve impunity. What is seen in Portugal as a heroic act.In the work field, this is a gold rule...
Honesty is seen as stupidity, Integrity is a kind of human imperfection, Morality is a silly thing, Sincerity is dangerous and Ethics doesn’t pay the bills. How can we deal with this reality?

Most of us think everything is lost, society, the world. But, believe it, that a new era is coming now, better. The opportunities will be much more in number. This is a new reality, great to release your potential. Dark will be illuminated.