quarta-feira, 18 de abril de 2012

The magic of communication

Metaphors are really the best way to learn and understand life. Our brain picks better stories than rational explanations. Usually, stories are rich and complex, and open to a wide range of meanings. It’s the reader who decide what the story means, according his life experience.

The fact is, if you want to be a leader, you’d better use this kind of effective communication. Is the best way to build rapport with a person or a group. Without this, hardly you lead whatever is. When you build rapport, people will follow you.
With small stories, is possible to pace energy, hope, motivation, etc. This is a powerfull tool of effective communication.

The Magic of Metaphor book is a group of 77 stories, divided in six sections, each one addressing different topics. Is a must-read book that will help you to communicate your message in a effective way, with satisfactory results.