sexta-feira, 6 de abril de 2012

Stealing energy effectively (II)

As I promised in the previous post, here you are five more ways of stealing energy from others. When there is something incongruent inside us, we tend to steal. Check below if you are a energy thief or not, and then think about what you can do.

-Speaking incessantly without listening to others
-Demanding attention incessantly without letting others have their turn

Yes, I know, but…
-Asking for suggestions and advice
-Responding to the suggestion or advice by expressing that the suggestion or advice is not what we are looking for
-Purpose is not to solve the problem tut to receive attention

Passive Aggression
-Doing things primarily to cau8se an emotional reaction (concern, annoyance, anger) in someone else
-Subtle types of behaviors to receive attention from others

-Making the other person feel inadequate by stating that we are better than the other person in some way

-Avoiding others who we feel are likely to steal our energy
-Not a method of stealing energy but rather a method to protect the energy that we have

From Toru Sato work

Protect your state of mind by being aware of all the sources that steal energy from you. This is for sure the first step to deal with the event.