domingo, 6 de maio de 2012

Who are you, after all?

Theodore Roosevelt said once, «all the resouces we need are in the mind». As you see, inside us is where we have to find the meaning, not outside. If you waste your time trying to pursue something outside yourself, probably you'll get frustrated most of the time. Brian Tracy tells us that because of the fundamental law of cause and effect, «you become what you think about most of the time». What a great quote...

First, think about your identity. Who are you? Pay attention what you state about. Who are you, after all? Are you the money you make? Are you the house you got? Are you the car you bought? Are you the friends you have?

How do you feel your identity? By the money you earn or make? If it is that so, means if you lose all of your money, you become nothing.
Tell me, do you respect somebody by the money he or she got? Do you admire somebody by the the type of house he or she got? Do you feel inspired by someone just because he or she have some kind of power position?

Well, let me tell you I respect, admire or feel some inspiration by the people who do something good, by the example they are for me and society, by what they are as human beings, not by all they got.

Think of that for a while, alone, without any external interference.
Access deeply inside you and listen what he tells you, feels, ears or sees