segunda-feira, 18 de março de 2013

Aware meditation

It's amazing the process of decision, of choice... and behavior of each person. Take the example of a crowded place, in the centre of a city. Sit in a cafe and watch people walking around. They walk, cycle or ride, intersect with each, in different directions and disctinct speed.

Extraordinary range of decisions and choices. The huge amount of energy spent that converges, at the same time. In same and various directions... however with so distinct purpose and meaning. The centre, the crowded place, is a confluent stage of energy that conspires to satisfaction and hapiness.

Each taken direction means a point where each one can meat a piece of satisfaction or a way to reach it. Even when the direction or the place each one go are unconfortable. Excluding the discomfort each one could have on their activity, at a deep level the decision is a step to what is perceived as a higher level of satisfaction or happiness.

Look carefully and reflect... THEN ASK YOURSELF:

- What makes you happy?
- What pleases you, specificaly?
- What places give you energy?
- What people do you like to meet?

- Where are you going?
- At what speed?
- What means to you? 

- Are you happy with the directions you take?
- Are you aware of the decision you make?
- Are you satisfied with the choices you take?
- What are your choices at moment?

Answer and don't forget, don't only think, ink it